Abstract and Paper submission

At first, all authors must register by Springer OCS at the following website:


Information for contributors to Sessions (i.e., Mini-Symposia): check carefully whether your Session title is listed (check the tag Sessions). Authors can update the status of their submission and select a session until the end of the upload phase).

After the registration by Springer OCS, the authors can proceed to submit their contribution, as a chapter to appear in the biennial edited book in the series Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics, edited by Professor Rubin Wang. For each paper undergoing a review process at ICCN, there has to be an abstract submitted first. In a second step (or immediately afterward) the upload of a manuscript file is necessary, if the authors intend to submit a chapter in the edited book.

  1. Abstract submission. The general data of the paper like title, authors and abstract are entered into the system (use the Submit abstract button). After submitting the abstract, it is viewable in the paper list, where additional actions like editing the title or uploading a paper document can be selected.
  2. Paper Typeset. To prepare your submission, please download the specific Springer class and template files and edit the sample LaTeX file, all available in the following zipped archive:
       ICCN 2019 chapter LaTeX format
  3. Paper Upload. For the submission, the OCS system lets the Submitter (the author who submits the paper) to select and upload a PDF file which is then associated with the abstract. Uploaded documents must not be deleted but it is possible to upload new versions.
  4. End of the upload phase (i.e., Assignment of Reviewers). The Review process starts after the reviewers have been assigned.
  5. Between the Review deadline and the Decision deadline, the Authors may be invited to revise their manuscript in order to be accepted.
  6. The Final deadline marks the end of the author submission. By this date the authors must submit the manuscript source in ICCN 2019 chapter LaTeX format. A zipped archive including text and figures is accepted by the Publisher.

Authors marked as Contact will receive all e-mails which are sent to the submitter, too. These include the confirmation of the successful upload as well as information about status updates like acceptance or rejection of the paper.