Mini-Symposia / Special Sessions

The conference organizers welcome the participants who intend to organize a mini-symposium/special session. The time slot for a mini-symposium/special session is 2 hours and a maximum of two sessions in parallel are scheduled.

If you intend to submit a proposal for a mini-symposium/oral session, please proceed before the deadline 15th of May, 2019 and contact the general chair or the other chairs of the organizing committee.

Each mini-symposium/session proposal should contain:
– the title of the session, and
– a list of tentative speakers with the title and 10 lines of abstract for each presentation.

The duration of each contribution and the number of speakers can be fixed by the Session Chair, but the overall duration of the session is 2 hours maximum.

Poster sessions can also be proposed with list of prsenters with the title and 10 lines of abstract for each contribution. Posters are expected to stay on display during the whole duration of the conference.